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Import Games for Adults: Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 Tokuten Story

Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 Tokuten Story Review

                Well it may be very belated (it's still January though) but a Happy New Year to all, and seeing as it’s a new year what better a way to open it than with a review of an entry in what I now consider one of my favorite eroge series: Waffle’s Kyonyuu Fantasy series…. No, sorry it’s not Gaiden 2…or Majou, I still need to finish those. I’m talking about a little extra story that many of you probably haven’t even heard of : Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 Tokuten Story, released on July 25, 2012. As for why many of you probably haven’t heard of it, that’ll take some explaining…as well as why it’s such a shame this little story is so obscure.

Pros: Very good short story, Lorelia has some good moments, kind of fixes some issues I had with the main game’s true route story, Zebia.

Cons: Not available legally to very many people, the gnoll squad isn’t in this, neither is Nadine, only two ero scenes.

WTF?!: If a guy’s married to a badass dark elf swordswoman and a mermaid, it’s probably a good idea not to piss either wife off…


                The story for this nice little bit of DLC is actually an after story to Lorelia’s route from Kyonyuu Fantasy 2, showing what happens after he marries both her and Zebia and how he still ends up becoming involved in the king’s choice of successor to the throne even though marriage is supposed to disqualify a potential candidate.

                Now I realize that last bit may sound like the story’s of the tacked on variety but I can assure you it’s not as the story does have Shahal use a bit of a loophole to the aforementioned rule that does make sense storywise. It also helps that the writing works at coming off as a natural continuation of Lorelia’s route by doing things like showing how well things have gone with Ruin’s plan to better the lives of his town’s non-human citizens and how married life has gone for him and from that we get not only some good character interactions with Zebia and Lorelia, but also with the latter’s father Rusalca who’s actually quite delighted to have Ruin as a son in law.

                Of course continuing on from there we get an excellent story that honestly impresses me in a couple of ways. First, the story kind of addresses some of the problems I had with some parts of the true route of Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 (and one other plot element which I’ll get to later). For example, that bit in my review of KF2 where I had a problem with how at a couple of points they make Ruin conveniently incompetent just to move the plot forward; in this case Ruin’s presented with the same dilemma but resolves it in a way that makes sense both plot-wise and character-wise concerning Ruin.

                The second and perhaps most notable commendation I have for the story is how well it turns out for such a short story. This game took me about 3-4 hours to complete and yet I barely felt the story was limited by the shortness. For one it utilizes the characters just as well as some of the best character moments in the main game. A good example of that would be Lorelia’s portrayal in this, which before I explain I feel I should elaborate on something. One flaw I neglected to mention in my review of KF2 was that Lorelia’s route was pretty disappointing with an ending that felt premature as it just pretty much ends with Ruin agreeing to marry her and Zebia and then the credits rolled plus Lorelia herself had very little involvement in it. This game corrects that by not only providing the story we should have gotten but also by giving Lorelia some good character moments such as the aforementioned character interactions and a couple scenes that show that while she’s not Zebia (who is of course a joy as always to see again), you do not want to piss this particular mermaid off, shy and demure as she may be. There’s a reason the trope “Beware the Nice Ones” exists…

                Another aspect of the plot that succeeds even though it’s short is how complete it is as a story, meaning it feels just like a full route with its own unique tale similar to Elicia’s route is. The conflict Ruin has to deal with involves a decent bit of political intrigue and it is nice to see him use his wits to undo a plot against him and Zeminario by Highness and Alhif. I’ll admit the plot is fairly light hearted compared to Elicia’s route and the true route, but it still does a good job establishing there are things at stake that depend on Ruin’s success. Speaking of Zeminario the story does make a nice little subplot with him by putting him in a position where he has to be helped by Ruin and it does a good job of showing some character development result from that which ends with a pretty satisfying payoff.

                Of course concerning the plot there are a couple of flaws, but thankfully minor ones so I’d consider these nitpicks really. The first of these would be that the gnoll squad isn’t in this story at all, and don’t get me wrong their absence makes sense considering Lorelia’s route still had them serving at Boinbara. The thing is their absence still feels a bit odd considering not following Lorelia’s route revealed they left the town to work for Ruin because they liked him better than their new boss and most of all you can’t help but miss them since it would have been interesting to see their involvement in some of the funnier scenes in this game. Sadly the gnolls aren’t the only characters missing as Nadine doesn’t show up in this at all; she’s mentioned a couple of times but we neither see nor hear her at any point. Now before anyone points out the obvious, I understand this is a short extra story that most likely had budgetary limits that prevented these characters from making any major appearance, but at least giving Nadine a cameo would have been fine. I mean Alicia makes a cameo and she has at most 5 or 6 lines of dialogue so it comes off as odd the same wasn’t done with Nadine unless the voice actress was unavailable.

                Before I move on I feel I should mention the one glaring problem this game has that doesn’t involve any of its content: only a select few can get this game legally.  Basically Waffle has this really strange policy in regards to the DLC it creates for its game where the only way, THE ONLY WAY, to get them (legally) is to buy from their online store(which is going to cost more than buying from most other sites) and they provide you an ID number to enter in order to download the DLC. And no, there’s no way to buy this content by itself (though I have heard they occasionally sell limited physical copies at conventions…in Japan only), which strikes me as odd to say the least. I understand giving your more dedicated customer base a nice bonus as this DLC is free for them, but why aren’t those who didn’t or couldn’t buy the game from the main allowed to pay for the DLC itself? The Kyonyuu Fantasy games and others in Waffle’s library have a fanbase that probably would pay for this DLC so the company would stand to make some money from this if they did so, and considering they probably paid quite a few people to make this like voice actors, artists, programmers, beta testers, and of course the writer you’d think that Waffle would want to make money from this.

                Moving on, like the main game KF2TS does excellent in the area of presentation. The artwork is just as good as before, as is the music, and the voice acting is just as great.

                As for the ero scenes, they’re good, but…there’s only two of them (one by Bill Clinton standards). Once again budget limits probably created another flaw as there are quite a few moments in this game that you expect to lead to an ero scene, but things skip over to the next scene instead. Like with the character absences this isn’t that big a flaw and really just feels odd more than anything else, but still…

In Conclusion:

                Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 Tokuten Story is an overall good little expansion to Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 with a nice little story with good character moments that I definitely recommend to fans of the second game. It really is surprising how good it is in spite of its shortness, almost not feeling limited by it. It is too bad those limits exist as a result of budget limitations, but thankfully they’re very minor ones. The biggest shame though is its unavailability legally to a good portion of the series’ fanbase due to a strange DLC policy that I do hope Waffle changes someday (soon I hope considering Gaiden 2 has two story DLCs out of reach because of it).

Final Score: 7/10 Great
Author Recommendation: For Fans Only


                Now considering this is a review of an extra story for Kyonyuu Fantasy 2, I feel I should talk about the next game in the series which is going to have some relation to KF2. It’s called Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2if:

                At the moment there isn’t much info aside from the above page and a couple posts from Waffle’s blog that say they plan to release it sometime this year (Fall according to the first post):

                I must say I am curious about what the “if” part means for this game. It could mean a retelling of KF2 merging the true route and Elicia’s route together, but I don’t think that’s very likely unless the writers really intend to change things up since I don’t think very many people want to cover the same ground even if it does provide some clarity in relation to Gaiden 2. I’d put my money on it being a sequel with “if” probably standing for something…and probably because Waffle wanted to distinguish it from the sequels to the first game in the series. I could be (and probably am) wrong in all of this, but hey the creators of this series have always been able to pleasantly surprise me so I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out in the coming months.


  1. Glad to hear from you again, and I repeat my earnest displeasure that I'll probably never get to enjoy any of Waffle's stuff in English, my only tongue.

    I was banking on the "Kyonyuu Fantasy" anime adaptation to let me in on the story, but that seems to have suddenly cut off half-way...

    1. There may be a tiny bit of hope for you as last month someone on hongfire began working on a translation patch:

    2. ...While I've seen too many good translation projects die on the vine to be TOO optimistic, that's still good news and I thank you for it.